There’s 40-50% of waste in the construction industry. Do you want some of that waste put back into your pocket?


Here’s how we CAN help you.

Design-Build Structural Subcontractor

Depending on your needs, we will provide structural design-build for the entire project or just the structural and miscellaneous steel.  We are the perfect fit for design-build projects where BIM is the key ingredient to success. We have worked on over fifty D/B projects in the last six years and have been modeling steel, concrete, and rebar for over fifteen years.

Structural Steel Subcontractor

Fast track project?  Complex geometry? A coordination nightmare?  Over budget?

We do more than just furnish and erect your steel.  

Commoditizing Manager

Structural Design and Procurement- We’ll provide structural design, detailing, and the procurement of structural steel for an “at risk” fee.  Since risk doesn’t come without reward, we will share in the savings, as agreed up front. For example, on an industrial project, we saved over 25% of the steel fabrication budget of $1.2 million.  Although allowing us to coordinate the design offers the greatest savings, we’ll still save you money if the engineering is already completed.

BIM services

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